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“Redonda is already a capstone in decades of rewilding work. The speed of the island’s regrowth demonstrates not only that conservation is effective, but also that even the most seemingly barren places can be saved.”

– National Geographic –

“There are no resorts, no beaches, no amenities, and its contribution to the national GDP is practically zero. Yet the mile-long rocky isle of Redonda in the Caribbean Sea is deemed one of the most valuable spots in the region.”

– BBC –

“At a time when so much of the news about the state of our planet is understandably downbeat, the rebirth of this island shows that if we give nature a chance, it can and will bounce back.”

– Dr. Jenny Daltry of FFI –

“It’s incredible to see this radical and rapid transformation of Redonda from a bare rock to a carpet of vegetation. As plants and animals continue to rebound, this could truly be a showcase sanctuary for wildlife.”

 – Dr. Robin Moore: Rewild –


In 2017 The Environmental Awareness Group a local non-governmental organization led the ecological restoration of  Redonda, sister island to Antigua and Barbuda, and one of the largest unpeopled islands in the Eastern Caribbean. A home to wildlife and critically endangered species that can be found nowhere else in the world, Redonda’s conservation story embodies the true essence of biodiversity resilience and speaks to the power of locally-led conservation through collaborative action.

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A word from the Director

My hope is that this story helps to shine a light on the work of small environmental NGOs and the selfless conservation work they are doing to preserve biodiversity around the world. The world needs to know that we can achieve such astonishing feats through collaboration and will power to help save our planet.

– Lawson Lewis

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The rewilding of Redonda following years of collaborative environmental conservation work between the EAG of Antigua & Barbuda, the Government of Antigua and Barbuda, Fauna & Flora International (FFI), the private sector, and other international NGOs has been featured and headlined in international publications. These include; National Geographic, BBC, Discover Wildlife, CABI, Fauna & Flora International, Exxpedition, Rewild and The Guardian.

See the story of what lead to the deterioration of Redonda and its biodiversity, how it was restored with it now becoming a shining beacon for small island conservation and restoration across the world.


Reach out for enquiries about the film or the Environmental Awareness Group.